When you join Maroochy Sailing Club’s Adventure Sailing Program, you enjoy opportunities to explore the beautiful Maroochy River on a Sunday morning whilst you learn to handle your dinghy and hone your basic sailing skills .

We offer Adventure Sailing to Members as an entry pathway into sailing.  We will open the clubhouse at 9.30am, approximately fortnightly, and offer you the use of our Club Pacers and Bugs (for a small donation towards maintenance).  Or you can join in sailing your own boat.

After you have rigged your boat and we’ve put a crew together, with safety our first priority, we set sail by 10.00 am. Depending on wind and tides, we might sail to the Cod Hole or up to Twin Waters, dodging sand bars and seeing the local river wildlife.

We get back by 12 noon and you then wash the boat down and pack away the boat back into the storage area.

You then have a chance to join in with the racing members and share lunch and find out more about sailing and the boats that are sailed in the afternoons.

The clubhouse is for families and run by families.  It is situated on Chambers Island with beaches, fishing spots and playgrounds, so there is plenty to do throughout the day.

Who is Adventure Sailing for?

Adventure Sailing appeals to families introducing children to the sailing experience or individuals who want to practice their basic sailing skills. Many first visited our Club during one of our Discover Sailing Days where anyone can book in for a short sail to sample the pleasures of River Dinghy Sailing. After their initial sail, they join our Club to take part in our regular Adventure Sailing Program.

(Link to Discover Sailing Days - Come 'n' Try)

When does it happen?

The calendar for Adventure Sailing is on the website. Adventure Sailing is approximately fortnightly for 12 mornings throughout the sailing year (September to May) with additional invitations to join in some afternoon races and Special Events later in the season when skills have been developed.

Note: This year’s club calendar offers ‘racing’ members  around 25 afternoon sails plus additional regattas.

What does Maroochy Sailing Club provide?

Maroochy Sailing Club provides this sailing opportunity in the safest and most fun way. 

All sailing is dependent on weather and water conditions and the Club will NOT sail if it is unsuitable.

You must note and agree to participate at your own risk and understand that the club volunteers who assist you to get out on the water, are all volunteers and equal members like yourself.

The club offers the use of its fleet of Pacers, a great dinghy for learning in and which can take 2 or 3 adults comfortably.  It is an easy boat for up to 4 children to sail as well.

1/11/2019 - Our Adventure Membership program is at full capacity at the moment and we cannot accept more Adv Memberships at this time. It is anticipated that some vacancies will become available in January for our Summer Season - Register an Expression of Interest for one of these vacancies ( posted soon)

The Club does not usually teach you to sail but you can fast-track your introduction to sailing by taking lessons or course at either the Maroochy River based Academy of Sailing or another private provider.

Occasionally, subject to demand, we may offer a course to assist you becoming competent on the water. However, advice and support is available from the many experienced sailors at the Club.

What do you provide or have to do?

You must be a Maroochy Sailing Club member (see below).

You will need to let us know your level of sailing experience/competency. We want skippers to know how to steer the boat safely.  If you are not yet ready for that responsibility, then you will start your participation as a crew member.

All participants must be able to swim and must wear a PFD (life jacket, the club has some to lend out or bring your own).

We strongly suggest you wear a hat, sunscreen and boat shoes and take a bottle of water with you.

How do you join Adventure Sailing?

Adventure Sailors are members of Maroochy Sailing Club. Go to the Membership Link to join as an "Adventurer" Member.

The membership cost includes the essentialSailing Australia Registration which provides personal accident insurance.

What’s next after Adventure Sailing?

The Club hopes you will enjoy sailing so much that the next stage is sailing around a set course and getting better and better at sailing! There comes a time as your sailing skills improve that you will want to test them out!

The majority of the club members are ‘racers’. We set a course according to wind and tides and see who can get around it most efficiently in their dinghy and we score points for each race.  At the end of the year we present awards to the best sailors.

We hope Adventure Sailors will join in the specific invitation races through the year and ‘have a go’.  This is your chance to learn some of the basic ‘road rules’ and see how well you are now sailing your dinghy.  It is a great club atmosphere out there on the water, and many of our sailors also enjoy sailing in regattas at other clubs throughout the year, testing their skills in different waters and with different sailing groups.


Any more Questions?

Just ask the Co0rdinator ,Vice Commodore (Gärd), or a club member if you have more questions about this program, learning to sail, buying a boat for yourself etc

Contact Gärd, to book a Pacer Dinghy -  email