Logie connection for Maroochy!

Sam Moor (Hattrick) and her team on the children’s show Bluey has just taken out Australia’s 2019 Logie Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Program!



Besides occasionally taking on a character in this incredibly popular series, Sam is the show’s Line Producer. Whilst I’ve no idea exactly what a Line Producer does, it seems like it’s a LOT! (See link below)

Whilst Maroochy Sailing Club is full of multi-talented members, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s extra amazing to have “a Sam” who not only commutes 100kms each way for this busy job but finds some kind of magical extra time beyond family and business duties to also run the club’s hall hire in an extra-fabulous way AND keeps us fed and watered on Sundays!

Sam truly epitomises the quote (of Benjamin Franklin, who’d have thought?!) “if you want something done, ask a busy person”!

The Club, on behalf of all members, has presented Sam with some flowers to congratulate her on this Logie Award...we often give Sam flowers don’t we?! Perhaps they’ll have to be gold plated flowers soon as our appreciation of Sam’s support to our club just keeps on increasing.
If you’d like to send congratulations yourself to Sam try emailing her at mschallhire@gmail.com


Bluey https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7678620/fullcredits

Line Producer https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/line-producer1.htm

Maroochy AGM - Sunday 26 May

Sunday morning saw a good roll-up of interested members for the AGM of the Club.

Commodore Craig Stanger presented his report followed by the Financial Report from Treasurer David showing the Club in a good financial position.

Election of Office Bearers resulted in the re-election of Craig for a further term as Commodore, Gard Saunders to continue as Vice-Commodore/Secretary, Todd McVey as Rear Commodore, and David Thomson as Treasurer.

Committee members re-elected were John Ladewig, Tony Johnson, Graeme Hattrick (Principal Instructor at our Sailing Centre) and they were joined by new Committee member Stuart House. Tim Edwards who has served on the Committee in a variety of roles for many years, indicated he wished to step aside but would continue his membership and participation in the Club.

Commodore Craig gave a further report on the progress of some planned extensions for Boat Storage, while Treasurer David explained a slight increase proposed for our Membership Fees for next season.

Special mention was made of our Canteen Co-ordinator and Hall Manager, Sam Hattrick, and her contribution to the successful operation of our Club was acknowledged by all present.

Graeme spoke about the Tackers programs and the role Youth Instructors are playing in the delivery of the program. Next weekend, a number of our Youth sailors will participate in the first Australian Sailing Instructors Course to be held at our Maroochy Club.

In recognition of our Club’s Sixty Years of Sailing on the Maroochy River, it was decided to hold a celebratory Pirates Party in November this year.

Gard S.jpg

Maroochy Members Gard Saunders and David Thomson were proposed for Life Membership of the Maroochy Sailing Club in recognition of the long and distinguished Service they have made to the Club. The proposal was carried by acclamation from those present.

Gard and David both joined Maroochy in the 2001-02 season as relative new-comers to sailing. Over the years, they not only considerably improved their sailing skills, but they both have given continuous sterling service to the Club and the Sport of Sailing.

David T.jpg

Gard served 4 years as Commodore of the Club, and enters her fifth year as Vice Commodore. She has driven much of the Adventure Sailing and Discover Sailing programs of the Club and been a tireless worker on many fronts, particularly encouraging Youth participation. Gard has had great success in accessing Grants from various sources to improve our facilities and programs.

David served three terms as Commodore, 7 years as Treasurer and further terms as Vice Commodore and Secretary. His astute attention to budgetary and other money matters is one of the major reasons our Club remains in a sound financial position. He was also a Board Member of Yachting Queenland for many years.

Following the AGM, a Presentation of Trophies and Awards for the 2018-19 Sailing year was carried out, including a special presentation to those youngsters who had completed the 3 levels of the Tackers program.

With the formalities out of the way, the smell of barbecued food called everyone to join in a casual and friendly lunch on the deck and rigging lawn in the warm autumn sun.

Maroochy Trophy and Award Presentations

Great Day at Maroochy with good company and bright new trophies to mark our 60th year of Sailing on the Maroochy - our former trophies had little room for new plaques!

Final Series results for all 2018-19 Series (Spring and Summer) have now been posted - check the Results page.

Unfortunately, a number of our Trophy Winners were not able to attend the Presentation ceremony.

Our Tackers 3 group who recently finished their course received their Completion Certificates and Trophies.

Looking forward to seeing them sailing in our Green Fleet Division next season!

As well as Trophies for placegetters in the Racing Series held over the year, and the Club Championships, various Awards were presented to mark the efforts of members over the past year.

Youth Encouragement Award - Cody Novello

Youth Improvement Award - Alex Jones

Youth Sailing in the Open Fleet Award - Billy Richards

Service Awards

Youth Service Awards - shared by Taylor Rogers and Zac Edwards

(two Tackers Instructors who joined the Club 10 years ago as 8 year-old Optimist sailors)

Club Service Award - shared by Graeme Hattrick and Peter Brodie

Commodore’s Cup for Service to the Club - Gard Saunders

ILCA Dinghy


The ILCA dinghy has been chosen by the annual meeting of World Sailing to be the one-person dinghy at the the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

It had faced strong competition from the RS Aero, the Devoti SubZero and Melges 14 as the single-handed dinghy at Evaluation trials over the last couple of months.

The ILCA dinghy (formerly Laser) is also the light-weight one-person dinghy at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which will be the last Olympic outing of the Finn “heavy-weight” dinghy.

Laser Sailors may have been following the dispute that has arisen over the past couple of months between the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) and the formerly licenced European builder.


As that builder held the rights to the Laser Brand name, and the familiar red logo, the ILCA has been forced to rename it’s dinghy and adopt a new logo for all new boats , to be manufactured in Europe by a newly-licenced builder and the existing licenced builders in Australia and Japan who were not involved in the dispute.

Hence the decision has been made to rename the boat the ILCA Dinghy and adopt the initials as the Class Logo. All existing previously licenced Laser Dinghies will be automatically be given ILCA registration by the World body. New boats and sails will carry a new name and logo.

Somehow explaining to a relatively sailing-newcomer that you sail an ILCA Dinghy has suddenly become a lot more complicated!

Further information re the dispute and recent developments can be found on the internet and on-line sailing publications.

Tackers 3 News

Congratulations to 4 young sailors ( Tyson, Finn, Zach and Luke) who have just completed their final Tackers program under the watchful eyes of Junior Instructors Zach Edwards and Matt Hattrick. They undertook the Tackers 3 course fortnightly on Sunday mornings during our Summer season, and are now reasonably competent young sailors.

Next step for these young sailors is to join our Green Fleet in Spring, and learn about how to use their sailing skills to sail a course, and how to start and finish a race.

They will be following in the footsteps of last year’s Tackers 3 who completed their Green Fleet Training and are are now enthusiastic young Optimist sailors joining our racing fleet most Sundays on the Maroochy River.

Cootharaba Junior Regatta

Several of our Youth sailors participated in the May Day weekend Junior Regatta at Lake Cootharaba Sailing club. While boats at Maroochy were faced with no wind, they did have some breeze on the Lake and completed three races.

Riley with his Prizes.

Congratulations to Riley House sailing his Laser 4.7, who was placed second in his Division.

Other members participating were Optimist sailors sailors Joy Jessett and Cody Markey who didn’t make the podium but added to their racing experience in sailing at different venues against strong opposition.

Also competing were Sabot sailors Sean and Jasmin Saunders who are part of the School’s Sailing Training Group at Maroochy. Sean finished in a creditable 5th place in the large fleet of young sailors.

Congratulations to all the young sailors.

Sailing Report - Sunday 5 May


On Sunday a group of sailors gathered at the Club for a final sail before we enter our Winter Recess.

Unfortunately, the winds gods had a day off, with the fleet becalmed on the Maroochy River and drifting with the tide towards Twin Waters Resort at the mouth of the River.

The Race was abandoned and the support vessels assisted boats back to our Clubhouse on Chambers Island.

This completes our scheduled sailing for the 2018 -19 Sailing year, but there could be some Tackers coaching and our die-hard sailors sometimes launch on a Sunday afternoon for a scratch race around the cans!

Scheduled Racing is due to resume in late August.

State Opti Championships

Three young Maroochy sailors took to the water in their Optimist Dinghies to compete in the Qld State Optimist Championships held at RQYS recently.

Congratulations to all three - Cody Markey placing fourth in the Green Fleet Division, Joy Jesset mid-fleet in the Intermediate Division and Riley House in the hotly contested Open Division. All gained great experience through participtaytion in this regatta.

Regatta Results

Tackers 1 - Easter 2019

Tackers Launch.jpeg

Ideal conditions for the first day of the 2019 Easter Tackers program - clear skies, warm day and gentle breezes - for the latest group of Tackers 1 sailors to take to the water for the very first time.

Amazing how quickly the youngsters adapt to the water environment on the safe waters of the Maroochy Rive just off Chambers Island at the Maroochy Sailing Club.

Under the watchful eyes of our Junior instructors, they will be soon spreading their wings and venturing further from shore. exploring both the river and extending their skills.

Check out the Gallery of the Easter Tackers course.

Now including some pictures from Day 2.

A Sailing Voyage!

It seems only yesterday that Sarah Johnson walked across the footbridge to Chambers Island - a young lady just entering her teenage years, and wanting to try this sailing thing as an Adventure Sailor. She enjoyed the experience and was soon regularly crewing for then-Commodore Gard in a Club Pacer, learning some boat and racing skills.

The following season saw Sarah move into her Uncle Bob’s old wooden Sabot, but she was determined to keep up with some pretty competent Opti sailors we had at that time. I had the pleasure of taking her out in my Thorpe one day, and although we capsized under spinnaker at the second gybe mark, she clambered back in and finished the afternoon’s racing in impressive fashion in a difficult-to-sail boat.

Always growing as a teenager, Sarah moved into a Laser 4.7, and and her determination led to some impressive performances in this boat. Participation in some Laser regattas, and some sailing at RQYS for experience led to her inclusion in the Queensland Youth Training Squad and High Performance coaching sessions.

Sarah has always had wider visions of her sailing, and taken opportunities that arose. She became involved with the Mooloolaba Yacht Club Elliot’s Match Racing scene, and their Women’s Keel-Boat program, which led to participation in regattas in Brisbane and inter-state, and also opened up crewing in Etchells at Mooloolaba

Following an invitation, Sarah had the offer last weekend of a crew position for her first Ocean Race - the Bass Strait dash from Melbourne to King Island on the Melbourne yacht Faster Forward - an experience which has her enthusiastic for more!

This weekend, she joins her MYC Women’s Squad team-mates (including Maroochy members Tanya Kelly and Eloise Jessett) at Manly Yacht Club's 24th annual Helly Hansen Women's Challenge.

We have seen less of Sarah on the Maroochy these past couple of years, but she dusts off the Laser on occasions to enjoy our waters and competition. Sarah now manages the difficult task of balancing the demands of study with participation in Sailing at competitive levels and the training required. However, her family’s commitment to sailing at Maroochy has now been taken on by her young cousin Baden who is already showing he has the aptitude and focus to take on the sailing world too.

Sarah’s story well illustrates the pathways that can arise within our Sport for the young sailor who is prepared to commit and follow through. And whilst Sarah’s shown she’s organised and skilled, her cheerful good-natured personality has also been a vital ingredient to opening up these and many more sailing opportunities!

Good luck Tanya, Sarah and Eloise!

Tackers Gallery


A gallery of photographs compiled from a number of different Tackers Courses has beem added to our Photographic Gallery pages.

Since the arrival of our Tackers Dinghies in August 2017, they have certainly been well used, and given a lot of enjoyment and learning to our younger novice sailors.

Our first Tackers 1 Course for 2019 commences on 22 January and is fully booked.