Sailing Report - Sunday 13 October


As we arrived for sailing on Sunday, it was wonderful to see a dredge anchored off the sandbar in front of the Clubhouse, and pipes leading to the eroded launching beaches adjacent to the Clubhouse. Hopefully, next week we will see fresh sand and a repaired escarpment!

Another busy morning at the Maroochy Sailing Club with Tackers 2, Green Fleet and Adventure Sailing groups operating on a beautiful full tide Maroochy River with a gentle southerly breeze. The only difficulty faced by these sailors was navigating through the calm, still waters in the lee of the Clubhouse and Chambers Island trees out to the middle of the river where there was a pleasant sailing breeze. The Adventure sailors were joined by several visitors for a Come ‘n’ Try and we received several queries from interested persons on the shore.

Around lunch-time, we were joined by students and families from Sunshine Coast Grammar School who used the Club Pacers as part of their School Sailing Program.

Afternoon Sailors were launched into a swiftly ebbing tide and moderate winds which quickly turned into quite a fresh breeze putting a confused chop on the outgoing tide, testing most sailors and causing a few swims during the afternoon. Thanks to Race Officers John Ladewig and Youth Sailor Sean Saunders for devising a challenging course and efficiently running the afternoon program. Sean, not yet old enough to qualify for a car or boat licence, has considerably experience in Sabot dinghies among others, and has already completed his club-level Australian Sailing Race Officer training. He coped with the Race Management duties most competently, and still found time to snap a few of the afternoon sailors enjoying wind and water!

In Division 1 (Lasers) Brent Simons and Rod Gray took a race each, with Norm Richards also having a good afternoon.

Sabres sailed in Division 2, with Phil Gray and James Grieve leading the fleet home with a race each. Phil has his new boat, “Shamrock” going nicely but had an unfortunate gear failure which impacted his second race. Mike Groves and Bruce Markey handled the challenging conditions well to fill the minor placings.

The Juniors (Division 3) had a mixed fleet - an Optimist, a 420 Dinghy and a Pacer - racing on a handicap basis. The youngsters had a ball, while handling the tricky conditions fairly comfortably. Nice to see a 420 back on our River, with Marcel and his mate looking quite a home in the boat. Cody Markey, in his Optimist, took out the first race of the afternoon, while Riley House (Pacer) and his crew were first home in the later race.

Results are now posted.

Next week - Sunday 20 October

Morning - Tackers 3 Training from 9.30am

Afternoon - Five heats of the Spring Short Course Series . RO’s — Gard Saunders and Kim Taylor. Briefing at 1.00pm.

MAIDEN - The Movie is Coming!

Pair of Tickets won by Kim Taylor

Maroochy Sailing Club has received the following offer from ADVENTURE ENTERTAINMENT, distributor of world-class adventure films.

We wanted to let you know that our latest adventure film, MAIDEN, is touring in October and has multiple screenings in Sunshine Coast. Please see details below.

MAIDEN is the inspirational story of how Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. Tracy’s dream was opposed on all sides: her male competitors thought an all-women crew would never make it, the chauvinistic yachting press took bets on her failure, and potential sponsors rejected her, fearing they would die at sea and generate bad publicity. 

But Tracy refused to give up: she remortgaged her home and bought a secondhand boat, putting everything on the line to ensure the team made it to the start line. Although blessed with tremendous self-belief Tracy was also beset by crippling doubts and was only able to make it through with the support of her remarkable crew. With their help she went on to shock the sport and prove that women are the equal of men.

Maroochydore - BCC Cinemas Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza

16 & 20 October

Facebook event

Ticket link

Noosa - BCC Cinemas Noosa

16 & 20 October

Facebook event

Ticket link

Don't miss an incredible evening to see her remarkable story told on the BIG screen. Watch the trailer here:

Screening details here:

We have been offered a couple of free tickets for the Maroochy Sailing Club.

Just found out we had to specify the day/session.

Tickets will be for the Wednesday 16 October 6.30pm session.

Our plan is to hold a lucky draw of the pair of tickets at lunch-time on Sunday 13 October. One interested Maroochy member (young or old) will win both tickets.

If you are interested, you can enter on the Sunday morning, or alternatively you can email Peter expressing your interest and ask to be included in the draw. Remember - you must be a member to be in the draw!

Chania Sailing Club - Crete

Sally and David Thomson, currently holidaying in Crete, managed to check out the Sailing Club in Chania. and forwarded a few pictures - click to enlarge.

Looks like a great Optimist Fleet with Lasers also sailing. The J24 class might find too many sandbanks in our river!

SAILING REPORT - Sunday 6 October

An easterly breeze with a strongly running incoming tide tested sailors in the Short Course Series racing on Sunday afternoon.

In Division 1, young sailor Riley House with his Laser 4.7 rig joined the Radials and had a good afternoon, taking out one race, and pushing Craig Stanger in a couple of others. A good racing fleet with 7 Lasers on the water.

In Division 2, the Sabres were joined by former member and now Brisbane-based John Campbell who took out all races. Good to see James Grieve back on the water in his Sabre, while Sean Tisdale in showing good consistency sailing his Sabre.

Two competitors in Division 3, with Cody Markey in his Optimist leading Declan Waller (Sabot) around the course in all races.

Riley and Cody have just returned from Queensland Youth Week at Yeppoon, and obviously improved their racing through the training and competition.

Thanks to Race Officers, David Krempin and Bruce Markey, and to Stuart House in the Race Support RIB.

Next Sunday, 13 October

Morning — Tackers 2 and Green Fleet Training; Adventure Sailing in the Club Pacers.

Afternoon - Two Heats of the Spring Long Course Series.

Clubhouse Fire Evacuation and Warning System Installation.


Many members will be aware of extensive electrical and other works carried out in our Clubhouse building over the past month.

This work is the culmination of many years of difficult and complicated negotiations led by our current Commodore, Craig Stanger, Principal of local drafting design business, ACE SPACE Design (formerly Craig Stanger Design).

At my request, Craig has provided a summary of the long process, and the recent installation which has just been inspected and commissioned.


Summary of events.
In 2013 the Sunshine Coast Rowing Club approached me as a Building Designer to draw up proposed additions to their boat storage. In 2016, the Sunshine Coast Rowing Club finally gained approval from Council’s Property Management Services to build an 80m2 addition to their part of the building for the purposes of boat storage. The Rowing Club then had drawings prepared for building approval/certification. During this process to gain building approval, it was discovered by the engaged Building Certifier, that our clubhouse did not comply with building regulations in relation to fire hydrant coverage. In fact there has never been a fire hydrant on the island. All that can be assumed is that Council, back when the club was built, had chosen to ignore the fact that there was no hydrant on the island and still allowed the building to be built. Unfortunately for us, this situation is very much a liability issue for the Sailing Club and needed to be addressed by the club in relation to occupant safety. The Building Insurer had been notified of this situation.

The Certifier was (by law) required to refer the application to the QFES which started a (2) year process involving State Ministers to get approval for what is called an ‘Alternative Solution to the Building Code’. A Fire Engineer (BDA Fire) was subsequently engaged to provide an alternative solution. Essentially, the QFES and the Building Certifier agreed that a Fire Evacuation and Warning System be installed in lieu of providing fire hydrant coverage. We looked into providing hydrant coverage through mains pressure from Bradman Avenue. We researched providing a large petrol pump on the island that would use water from the river. These alternatives were not economically viable or suitable to the QFES (Qld Fire and Emergency Services) or the Building Certifier.
I approached 4 separate businesses on the Sunshine Coast to provide a quote for the installation in accordance with the Fire Design Engineer’s report. I received (2) quotes back, while the other (2) declined because the project was not in their preferred scope.
There are two components to the overall installation:

  • a ‘fire detection and occupant warning system’ and

  • an ‘emergency lighting’ system.

In 2018, The Club Executive applied for a State Government grant to do the required works. We were successful and received a grant for nearly $30,000. The final cost for the installation was a bit more than this but the Rowing Club has agreed to contribute to the overall cost of this project.
There will be an ongoing cost to the installation of this system of approximately $1800.00 per year. The rent arrangement with the Rowing Club will also be reviewed to ensure a contribution to the maintenance program.

The upshot of this whole process is that we now have a building that is safer and will ensure that if there is a fire, occupants, in what ever part of the building they may be, will get an early warning to evacuate the building.


I think we all owe Craig a debt of gratitude in for the way he has used his professional expertise and tenacity to lead this project to a successful conclusion.

Queensland Youth Week Report

Many Thanks to parents and the young sailors themselves for the following report —

MSC was represented by 3 sailors at the 2019 Queensland Coaching Clinic and Youth Championships - Joy and Cody in their Optimist and Riley in his Laser 4.7.

The first day went to the "stink" literally, as the club had to change the venue (2 km up the road just next to the caravan park) due to a trawler in the river hitting a sewage pipe.

On Thursday (first day of racing) we all migrated back to the club as we received the all clear. Kids sailed straight to the course from our temporary outpost and their sponsors worked there magic to logistically move all trolleys, bags etc. At the end of the day it was nice to give the boats a good wash down and get rid of the sand!

Many lessons were learnt, with Riley receiving two "U" flag disqualifications in the opening 2 races, making his goal of a top ten finish just out reach finishing twelve in a very competitive fleet of 24.

Joy - I always look forward to the youth championships in Yeppoon. It’s a challenging but fun championship. I love sailing out into the surf.

Cody - Cody had an awesome week. The Optimist coaches were fantastic with a lot of learning, and a bunch of new friends being the main memories to takeaway from the event. Having only just begun competing at intermediate level, Cody was happy with his 8th position.  

It has been a wonderful week, where all of our sailors have grown, learnt a lot and made new friends. 

Click Images to enjoy the Gallery from Yeppoon.

Thanks to Parents, Keppel Bay Sailing Club and Australian Sailing for the pics.

Sailing Report - Sunday 29 September

Another busy morning at the Club with Adventure sailing in the Club Pacers, Green Fleeters extending their skills in the Optimists, and ….. 8 new graduates of the Spring Tackers 1 program immediately continuing their sailing by starting the Tackers 2 program. We welcome them as members of Maroochy and are impressed by their enthusiasm and the skills they have learnt from their 4 day course last week.

Several boats launched with Adventure sailors, including a number of family groups. The weather was kind, and the morning high tide gave them a lot of water to explore! Adventure Sailing is a great way to get out on the water in a non-competitive environment.

Afternoon sailing numbers were again reduced by the youngsters participating in Queensland Youth Week at Keppel Bay Sailing Club, and a number of adult sailors away supporting their families at Yeppoon or enjoying a family break. Thanks to Mike Groves for acting a Race Officer, setting a great longish course for a pair of River Runners races in a nice NNE breeze.

Only three Laser sailors participated, with Craig Stanger leading the way home in both races ahead of Dave Krempin and Rob Gray who were not far behind.

Our Sabre Fleet continues to grow with James Grieve returning with a re-furbished boat and leading the fleet of 8 boats home by a good margin. Sean Tisdale had a good afternoon on the water, while former Laser sailor Rob Hagan is coming to terms with his newly purchased Sabre. As is usual, the remainder of the fleet sailed closely together in friendly rivalry, with young sailor Cody Novello rapidly improving and handling his boat well in tight racing situations.

Declan Waller sailed his Sabot - the only Youth sailor to participate. Declan will have more competition when the rest of our Youth Fleet return

Next Sunday 6 October.

Morning - Tackers 2 and Green Fleet Training from 9.00am.

Afternoon - 5 heats of the Spring Short Course Series with Race Officers Dave Krempin and Bruce Markey. Briefing at 1.00pm.

Tackers 1 - September Holiday Camp

Our latest Tackers course launched on Monday morning with ten students preparing to spend the next few days learning how to sail on the safe waters of the Maroochy River.

A little apprehensive as they started, being introduced to their Tackers dinghies by our Assistant Instructors who will work closely with them over the next few days.

As they develop their sea-legs and gain confidence, the participants will soon be rigging and launching their own boats and enjoying the wind and waters of the Maroochy!

Enjoy their journey!

Day 3

The young Tackers are now confident and capable on the water, even to extent of trying some rail riding!!

Seems they are having a great time on the course!

One more day to go!

Day 4

Final day of the Spring Tackers 1 course!

Concluding activity was the Presentation of Certificates. And a group photo of the young sailors and their ”fantastic” Instructors!!

More than half these young Tackers have enrolled in the next level course - Tackers 2 - which runs on alternate Sunday mornings till the end of the year. And by enrolling in Tackers 2, they also become members of our club!

Tackers 1 Graduates , September 2019.

Tackers 1 Graduates , September 2019.

Sailing Report - Sunday 22 September

A smaller than usual fleet with quite a number of our younger members (and their parents) heading north for Queensland Youth Week at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club at Yeppoon.

Thanks to Rod Gray and Meryl Todd for officiating during the afternoon racing - a stand-alone couple of River Runners races.

Only two Lasers fronted the Starter, with Dave Krempin (Radial) continuing his winning ways ahead of Tim Edwards sailing with a Standard rig.

A good Fleet of Sabres competed with John Ladewig winning both races ahead of usual Laser sailor Rob Hagan who switched classes for the afternoon. Competition among the later finishes was intense, as has been usual this year, with little between the boats and skippers who are enjoying good contest and friendly rivalry on the water.

Next Sunday, 29 September, a further round of River Runners sailing as our travelling crew make the long journey back from Yeppoon.

Sailing Report - Sunday 15 September

Afternoon Racing.


Close racing among the Lasers, with Craig Stanger leading the fleet home in both races ahead of fairly close pack of chasers with Norm, David and Brent fighting out the minor placings.

Phil Gray has his new Sabre humming, leading the Division 2 Fleet home ahead of John Ladewig and Ilan. However, there was a lot of action at the rear end of the fleet with very close sailing among the trailing 4 Sabres.

The Division 3 Youth sailors welcomed Declan Waller in his Sabot , but Riley House had his Laser well tuned to come home ahead of Cody and Alex.

Results are now posted.

Thanks to Race Officer, Graeme Hattrick and to the Race Support crew of Stuart and Michelle House. Special thanks to Michelle who captured quite a few shots of the action on the water during the afternoon.

Next Sunday, 22 September, a few of our Youth are heading North to Keppel Bay Sailing Club for Queensland Youth Week. Our Maroochy Fleet will sail a River Runners Series on Sunday afternoon. Our Canteen will not operate for lunches this Sunday!

Sailability Sunshine Coast

We are pleased to announce that the Maroochy Sailing Club are assisting the Sailiability Sunshine Coast group.

While we do not have the facilities to host this group from the beaches of Chambers Island, we are providing registered Memberships to the sailors who sail and practise in Mooloolaba Harbour and at Double Bay, Kawana Island, usually twice a week.

Australian Sailing membership through Maroochy Sailing Club will enable these keen sailors to participate in regattas throughout Australia, in their specially designed boats. It’s great to see them on the water, enjoying the wind and water, and maybe one day, someone from the group will be heading off to the Para-Olympics or another major Regatta.

We welcome the opportunity to work with them.