Discover Sailing Days

(Come and Try Sailing)


What is Discover Sailing?

A few Sunday mornings before Xmas and again after Xmas,  Maroochy Sailing Club offers to the public to Discover Sailing (Come and Try Sailing) for locals and visitors of all ages who just want to check out sailing on the beautiful Maroochy River and discover how much fun sailing is!

We run Discover Sailing Days as part of our Adventure Sailing program, but for first-timers we provide a volunteer club member skipper and don’t expect you to have even the most basic sailing skills!

Discover Sailing is totally free but places MUST BE BOOKED as it is very popular! Over 100 people came and sailed just last year in this program, many of them as family groups. Several then joined up as fortnightly Adventure Sailors (see below) and are going on to sail weekly with the afternoon sailing program.

We open the clubhouse at 10.00am and you help to get out the boat, see how it is rigged, then spend an hour or so sailing before helping to pack the boat away.  You are welcome to use the club facilities and stay on for a canteen lunch.


Come on down and Try Sailing!

10.00 am – 12 noon

Book your Sail by emailing :


What to bring: water, hat, sunscreen. Also PFD and boating footwear if you have them


  • You must note and agree to participate at your own risk and understand that the club members who assist you to get out on the water, are all volunteers.
  • The club uses its fleet of Pacers, a great dinghy for learning in and which can take 2 or 3 adults comfortably.  It is an easy boat for up to 4 children to sail in as well.
  • All sailing is subject to favourable weather and river conditions.
  • All participants must be able to swim and keep afloat (we have assistance standing by).

Enjoy a Sail on the wonderful Maroochy River

If you enjoy the experience, you might consider becoming a Club Member and sailing regularly in our Adventure Sailing Program