Use of the Lawn is limited to the conditions of use required in the Sunshine Coast Council's Permit for Weddings and Ceremonies and this Permit must be provided to Maroochy Sailing Club's hall management to ensure access to the Lawn.

The application for a Permit is at —

This application costs $82 and takes approximately 10 days to receive approval.

When you apply, please note all the conditions under which Council issues this permit but in particular:

  • A total maximum 2 hour time limit applies for bookings (including set up, ceremony and cleanup).

  • Application fee is non-refundable and must be paid on application.

  • Must only conduct the ceremony at the permitted location during the permitted date and time and in a manner that does not cause a nuisance.

  • Should ensure the permit is available at the ceremony as evidence of council approval. 

  • Must only use the following permitted equipment during the ceremony: maximum of 24 chairs, carpet runner, aisle stands and Bali flags (with no pegs/stakes), CD player or PA that is battery operated, maximum 3mx3m shade structure/archway (weighted with sand bags-no pegs/stakes).

  • It is an offence to consume liquor in a public place under the Liquor Act 1992, Section 173B.

  • It is an offence to release helium balloons into the environment under Local Law No. 3 (Community Health and Environment Management), 2011.

  • It is an offence to have an open flame on council controlled land under Local Law No. 3 (Community Health and Environment Management), 2011.

Extended use of the lawn area

The Club only agrees to the ceremonial aspects of a function in its hall to occur on the Lawn, and as complies with Council's Ceremonies permit. Any extended use of the Lawn for an event, function or party beyond the Ceremonies permit is not permitted.