1959 –  2019

Sixty Years of Sailing on the Maroochy River

Our Historical Records were originally compiled  in 2009 as part of the Club Jubilee Celebrations. They came from original Club documents such as –

  • Presentation and Award Night documents.

  • Newspaper Reports –“ Maroochy Advertiser”

  • Club Sailing Records and Score Sheets kept by Recorders

  • Engravings on Perpetual Trophies

  • Computer Records kept by Recorders

Documentation found varied from Season to Season, and few records were found for some seasons.

As further historical research takes place, it is hoped to add to those records that are incomplete

  • Since the 50th Jubilee, records from each sailing year have been added to the collection to maintain as a complete record as possible.

  • Lists of Boats registered at Maroochy were obtained from various sources.

    • Some were Group Insurance lists, where the owner was listed as as an adult, rather than the younger skipper.

    • Some boats passed through a series of owners.

    • A few boats carried identical names. Where this was the case, sail numbers are used to distinguish between them.

Whilst we have taken every care in compiling the lists, mistakes will occur in copying old handwritten documents which themselves contain inaccuracies.

Please advise us of any errors so that they can be corrected

Peter Brodie and Paul Dinniss


Maroochy Sailing Club Results 1959 - 2019

National, Australian and State Sailing Champions from Maroochy Sailing Club

Regional Results from Maroochy Sailing Club Sailors 1959 - 2019

Perpetual Trophy Register 1959 - 2018 (closed in 2018 with new Trophies for our Sixtieth Year)

Maroochy Sailing Club - Registered Boats 1959 - 2019

Maroochy Sailing Club - Positions and Officials , 1959 - 2019 - compiled from Club Records where available!