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 Draft Program 2017 - 2018

(Updated 2 September 2017)

The Sailing Program below timetables -

A. Weekly Afternoon Course Sailing (where we use a racing format)

B. Fortnightly Morning Intro Sailing: Adventure sailing for Over 12s, and Tackers for 7-12s.

A. River Runners are our warm up sailing sessions and with our Summer Long and Short Course Series have a Briefing at 1.00pm with the first Warning Signal at 1.30pm. Two x 45 minute races for the Long Course Series, and 5 * 15 -20 minute races for the Short Course Series, no set number for River Runners.

B. Adventure Sailors (fortnightly) rig boats from 9.30am and sail till around midday, when equipment is de-rigged and stored if not required for afternoon sailing

Visitors and Enquiries always welcome. Experienced sailing visitors can request our Club Pacers for a small donation and join the afternoon course.

Novice sailors have the use of our Club Boats, Pacers, Optimists or Tacker Optis as part of the Adventure Sailing/Tackers membership.

Please contact Gard, our Adventure Sailing Co-ordinator - - to book a time to visit and Try Sailing (Discover Sailing)


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Sunday, Jan 14

Sunday, Jan 21

Sunday, Jan 28

Sunday, Feb 4

February 9 - 12

Sunday, Feb 18

Sunday, Feb 25

Sunday, Mar 4

Sunday, Mar 11

Sunday, Mar 18

Sunday, Mar 25

Sunday, Apr 1

Sunday, Apr 8

Sunday, Apr 15

Sunday, Apr 22

Sunday, Apr 29

Sunday, May 6

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Morning  Sailing

Adv. Sailing & T 2/3

Rig from 9.30am


Adventure Sailing


Adventure Sailing


Adventure Sailing


Adv Sailors Welcome

Adventure Sailing


Adventure Sailing


Adventure Sailing


Adventure Sailing


Adv Sailors Welcome

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Afternoon Racing


Briefing at 1.00pm

River Runners 6

Long Course 1 & 2

Short Course 1 to 5

Long Course 3 & 4

Laser Masters 2018

Short Course 6 to 10

Long Course 5 & 6

Head of the River

Short Course 11 to 15

Long Course 7 & 8

Short Course 16 to 20


Long Course 9 & 10

Short Course 21 to 25

Long Course 11 & 12

Short Course 26 to 30

River Runners 7


Race Officer



Wayne Ashworth

Wayne Ashworth

Wayne Ashworth

Wayne Ashworth

Louise Davis

Sean Tisdale