MEMBERSHIP --- 2019 -20 Sailing Year

Membership for the coming season is now open.

Check out our Membership Page for details of Memberships available in 2019 - 20.


A reminder that previous Memberships expired at 30 June, and to maintain your Australian Sailing Registration and associated Personal Accident Insurance, you should renew your Membership before starting to sail at the Club this year.

New members are welcome to join - just follow the links on the Membership page.

While our Membership category offerings may have changed a little, the process of payment through the revSports Management system remains the same, except this year any processing charges will be met by the club.

For any Membership queries or issues, please contact Peter.

Several ongoing courses run by our Discover Sailing Centre will commence in early September, including Tackers 2, Tackers 3 and Green Fleet. Links to enrol in these courses are also on the Membership page. Queries should be directed to Graeme, our Principal Instructor. These courses have limited vacancies.

A stand -alone Tackers 1 course is scheduled for the Spring school vacation.