Logie connection for Maroochy!

Sam Moor (Hattrick) and her team on the children’s show Bluey has just taken out Australia’s 2019 Logie Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Program!



Besides occasionally taking on a character in this incredibly popular series, Sam is the show’s Line Producer. Whilst I’ve no idea exactly what a Line Producer does, it seems like it’s a LOT! (See link below)

Whilst Maroochy Sailing Club is full of multi-talented members, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s extra amazing to have “a Sam” who not only commutes 100kms each way for this busy job but finds some kind of magical extra time beyond family and business duties to also run the club’s hall hire in an extra-fabulous way AND keeps us fed and watered on Sundays!

Sam truly epitomises the quote (of Benjamin Franklin, who’d have thought?!) “if you want something done, ask a busy person”!

The Club, on behalf of all members, has presented Sam with some flowers to congratulate her on this Logie Award...we often give Sam flowers don’t we?! Perhaps they’ll have to be gold plated flowers soon as our appreciation of Sam’s support to our club just keeps on increasing.
If you’d like to send congratulations yourself to Sam try emailing her at mschallhire@gmail.com


Bluey https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7678620/fullcredits

Line Producer https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/line-producer1.htm