Maroochy AGM - Sunday 26 May

Sunday morning saw a good roll-up of interested members for the AGM of the Club.

Commodore Craig Stanger presented his report followed by the Financial Report from Treasurer David showing the Club in a good financial position.

Election of Office Bearers resulted in the re-election of Craig for a further term as Commodore, Gard Saunders to continue as Vice-Commodore/Secretary, Todd McVey as Rear Commodore, and David Thomson as Treasurer.

Committee members re-elected were John Ladewig, Tony Johnson, Graeme Hattrick (Principal Instructor at our Sailing Centre) and they were joined by new Committee member Stuart House. Tim Edwards who has served on the Committee in a variety of roles for many years, indicated he wished to step aside but would continue his membership and participation in the Club.

Commodore Craig gave a further report on the progress of some planned extensions for Boat Storage, while Treasurer David explained a slight increase proposed for our Membership Fees for next season.

Special mention was made of our Canteen Co-ordinator and Hall Manager, Sam Hattrick, and her contribution to the successful operation of our Club was acknowledged by all present.

Graeme spoke about the Tackers programs and the role Youth Instructors are playing in the delivery of the program. Next weekend, a number of our Youth sailors will participate in the first Australian Sailing Instructors Course to be held at our Maroochy Club.

In recognition of our Club’s Sixty Years of Sailing on the Maroochy River, it was decided to hold a celebratory Pirates Party in November this year.

Gard S.jpg

Maroochy Members Gard Saunders and David Thomson were proposed for Life Membership of the Maroochy Sailing Club in recognition of the long and distinguished Service they have made to the Club. The proposal was carried by acclamation from those present.

Gard and David both joined Maroochy in the 2001-02 season as relative new-comers to sailing. Over the years, they not only considerably improved their sailing skills, but they both have given continuous sterling service to the Club and the Sport of Sailing.

David T.jpg

Gard served 4 years as Commodore of the Club, and enters her fifth year as Vice Commodore. She has driven much of the Adventure Sailing and Discover Sailing programs of the Club and been a tireless worker on many fronts, particularly encouraging Youth participation. Gard has had great success in accessing Grants from various sources to improve our facilities and programs.

David served three terms as Commodore, 7 years as Treasurer and further terms as Vice Commodore and Secretary. His astute attention to budgetary and other money matters is one of the major reasons our Club remains in a sound financial position. He was also a Board Member of Yachting Queenland for many years.

Following the AGM, a Presentation of Trophies and Awards for the 2018-19 Sailing year was carried out, including a special presentation to those youngsters who had completed the 3 levels of the Tackers program.

With the formalities out of the way, the smell of barbecued food called everyone to join in a casual and friendly lunch on the deck and rigging lawn in the warm autumn sun.