ILCA Dinghy

Laser Sailors may have been following the dispute that has arisen over the past couple of months between the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) and the formerly licenced European builder.


As that builder held the rights to the Laser Brand name, and the familiar red logo, the ILCA has been forced to rename it’s dinghy and adopt a new logo for all new boats , to be manufactured in Europe by a newly-licenced builder and the existing licenced builders in Australia and Japan who were not involved in the dispute.

Hence the decision has been made to rename the boat the ILCA Dinghy and adopt the initials as the Class Logo. All existing previously licenced Laser Dinghies will be automatically be given ILCA registration by the World body. New boats and sails will carry a new name and logo.

Somehow explaining to a relatively sailing-newcomer that you sail an ILCA Dinghy has suddenly become a lot more complicated!

Further information re the dispute and recent developments can be found on the internet and on-line sailing publications.