SAILING REPORT - Sunday 31 March

Following a week of cloudy, showery and stormy weather, Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, a bit cooler and with a moderate breeze that gradually shifted from South to the East during the day. The only negatives were the quite low tide in the middle of the day, and the chocolate water from the recent run-off. There was no in-water visibility and with the sandbanks coming into play with the low tide, it was a case of “sail by feel” at times!

Morning sailing attracted an enthusiastic bunch of young sailors for Tackers 2 and Green Fleet Training where Instructors Graeme, Matt and Taylor led the young sailors through a series of on-water drills and activities.

John Ladewig offered to act as RO for the afteroon race and assisted by Gard set a diamond -shaped course in the deeper sections of the river. After a Briefing which included discussion of appropriate behaviour on the water, and the procedures for settling disputes through voluntary penalties (Penalty Turns), Protests and Arbitration, a good mixed fleet took to the water for the afternoon racing.


Division 1 sailors (Lasers) continued their tight competition on the water with a returning Dave Kreplin and Tanya Kelly leading the fleet home. Norm Richards had a great afternoon on the water - so much so that his rivals were checking his boat during de-rigging for signs of a hidden motor!

Again there was a good fleet of Sabres in Division 2 with close competition on the water. They were joined by Junior sailor Alex Jones who is starting to look at ease in the Laser 4.7. There was much confusion in the first heat, with several boats rounding the wrong windward mark, and then the next before realising their error. There was also confusion as to the direction of rounding at the leeward mark . As a result, several sailors Retired or Did Not Finish (DNF) this race. For the second race, all were more careful to round the correct marks in the correct direction . For the information of members, I’ve prepared a GUIDE as to the procedures that you must carry out to rectify a rounding error - either the wrong buoy or the wrong direction.

In Division 3, Optimist sailors Cody Markey and Baden Johnson were joined by Cody Novello sailing a Sabre. Cody M and Baden won a race each, and Cody N is starting to look very comfortable in the Sabre.

Next Sunday - 7th April

Morning - Adventure Sailing and Tackers 3 - Note: No Green Fleet

Afternoon - Last 5 heats of the Summer Short Course Series. Race Officer ???