Flagpole Restoration

Mike Groves has completed some restoration work on the Club Flagpole.

Originally presented to the Club in 1964, and located at the Western end of the island, the Flagpole was eventually overgrown by the trees planted on the island by Club Members in the following years.

For the Fiftieth Jubilee celebrations, the Flagpole and large concrete base was uprooted, and slowly rolled to a new location near the canteen. Although refurbished at the time, and reinforced with bracing, the cross arm was showing its age.

A few months ago, the cross arm snapped at the bolt hole, and was noticed dangling somewhat unceremoniously above the club roof.

Mike Groves, who has a passion for repairing any broken equipment around the club, fashioned and installed a new cross arm on the flagpole earlier this week. Thanks Mike, for your generous work.

We now have a Usable Flagpole to display our National, State and Club Flags, and no doubt unfurl the Jolly Roger ( or Skull and Crossbones) at the Sixtieth Jubilee Pirate Party on Saturday 23 November.