Historical Video - Building the Maroochy Sailing Club

Two of our early members in the 1960’s have left us a great record of the early days of the Club.

Club Member George Coulson recorded a number of events on his 8mm movie camera.

For the Club’s 25th Jubilee in 1984, this footage was converted to a VHS video format, and Les Brown narrated an audio track describing the activities. A brief postscript was added of a club race in 1984 (today).

In the years since, the format was converted to, first a CD, and then a DVD. For our Club’s 60th Celebrations, a short Introduction and closing scene has been added, with the video being uploaded to a web hosting service for all Club Members and others to enjoy.

The original 8mm footage is somewhat grainy, and does not translate well to modern wide screens. However, it is a monument to the hard work of the early Maroochy members who laid not only the foundations of the club, but established an ethos of the Club that continues to this day!