Bridge Works - Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Advice has been received from the SCRC that maintenance works are scheduled to carried out on the bridge to Chambers Island, commencing in February and concluding in June. It is understood that most of the work is under the bridge and interruption to foot traffic will be minimal, particularly at weekends.

Long-term Club members will remember the original one-railing bridge built nearly 60 years ago, just before our Club moved to Chambers Island.

Concrete for the Clubhouse foundations was mixed on the Bradman Avenue side and barrowed across the bridge by teams of club members.

When the second story was added to the Clubhouse in the late Seventies, a cane rail track was laid across the bridge enabling the timbers and other building materials to be pulled across on a cane wagon.

The original narrow wooden bridge deteriorated over time and was replaced by the Maroochy Shire Council in the mid-Nineties, with construction of the present wider concrete bridge. A few years ago, this was refurbished with new metal railings and some repairs to the deck. Now more extensive repairs under the bridge need to be carried out.